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Elissa Lansdell, Founder


Thank you again for the wonderful workshop! You have such a powerful and wonderful presence and you really made the seminar engaging and very informative. I enjoyed meeting the other women in the group and you created a comfortable and creative environment where everyone was able to share and learn from one another.

1) I was very impressed with the course and really enjoyed Elissa's conversational style of presenting the information. There was great information and fresh ideas for effective communication strategies. 

2) I loved the group of strong and fabulous women that came together for this course and how wonderfully Elissa involved everyone and brought about such great discussion. 

3) I wouldn't change anything about the course. It would be great at some point to have an in person workshop as well but the course was fun, informative and engaging.

4) I would absolutely recommend this workshop to others and plan on doing so.

Tiffany Gordon-Paterson

Elissa at Rockstar Communications is the real deal! … I enjoyed the way this group of strangers was able to be led by elissa in a way that had us open up and share freely. Although elissa has an impressive background she is “down to earth” and made me feel comfortable enough to take an honest look at myself in order to make these improvements. She made me think about the way I communicate and the way I am perceived when I use certain words and phrases. I learned that not only do the words I say matter, but the way I say it can matter even more… elissa has given me the skills to eliminate barriers. I am able to say what I want to say and have it understood the way it is intended

Kelly Farris

Elissa is excellent and really knows her stuff. The class was only 99 dollars but was worth so much more! My background is journalism, corporate, and tech writing but no real training in messaging from the TV and PR level, so this really helped me hone in my message from that dimension.
Elissa reinforced that conviction and passion are key. And knowing your audience, and, most importantly, connecting with them on a visceral level.

I learned cadence, volume, and expression.

I would definitely refer my friends and former colleagues to Elissa.

My passion for outreach has been renewed as a result of this training.

Carol Koppelman

I recently was introduced to You officially Rock communication course by Elissa Lansdell . You could feel her warmth and caring with every message she was transcending onto the members of the group exercises. Her knowledge and techniques brought out the best in the group. I would highly recommend Elissa to help you engage your communication skills to the next level. I highly enjoyed the experience! Thank you for the opportunity in finding the best in me.  Elissa you truly rock

Cyndi Henry