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Elissa Lansdell founded Rockstar Communications as a way to unite her distinct passions and strengths in the corporate communications world and the media. She believes everyone has an inner Rockstar - and she’s made it her mission to help you find yours.
Capturing your audience’s attention, hearts and minds has never been more important. At this moment in time, we can fade into the virtual background, or we can show up and stand out.
So…where to go for help? How do you decide which resources to devote to what aspect of your work? There’s written communication, executive presence, speechwriting, and don’t forget media training! You can sign up for webinars, read the books, consult with all the pros— or you can call Rockstar.
Elissa is a one woman show with a hell of a history. Her unique combination of on camera, media, corporate communications and leadership experience has helped thousands of clients perform at their best, whether they’re guesting on a podcast or hosting a town hall.
Rockstar Communications is a one stop tour, offering a highly personalized, VIP approach that will get you primed to rock your moment at the mic - or the monitor.



As a Corporate Communications Consultant and Coach for the past 11 years, Elissa has helped clients bring their words to life in a way that engages audiences and spurs action. As a longtime media personality and writer, Elissa developed a powerful presence and style of engagement. And as an Emotion Code® Certified Practitioner, Elissa has developed game changing skills in the emotional wellness arena. When brought together, this unique skill set helps clients thrive in their rapidly changing work and home environments.
Elissa’s clients have included CEOs, managers, executives, and employees at every level and across a range of industries - including finance, pharmaceutical, media, oil and gas, tech, and healthcare. She has also worked with struggling single moms, retirees looking to reclaim their edge, and leaders who want to uplevel by tapping into their intuition.
Formerly a broadcaster, Elissa was an Anchor at Chum Ottawa, and a Host/Writer at Country Music Television, Discovery Home US, Great American Country, E! Network and City TV. Over the years, Elissa has covered miles of red carpet, interviewing thousands of people - from politicians to pop stars - which gives her rare insight into how to both manage nerves and master the perfect soundbite. Elissa has also acted in several TV dramas including La Femme Nikita, Flashpoint, and The Border. Her voice has appeared on radio and in several TV series.
Elissa is also Cofounder of HiViibe Inc, a community dedicated to raising the world's vibration, one session at a time. She lives in Oakville with her teen daughter and pet rescue menagerie.

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